Wrist Toddler Leash


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Are you tired of running after your Little One while walking outside? If you answered yes, you will love this Wrist Toddler Leash!


Prevent loss: With this anti-drop belt, you no longer have to worry about children escaping and squatting in public places. Keep your child close to the crowd. Let the children enjoy more fun on the road without affecting their safety!

Safe and soft: The stab-resistant cotton wrist strap locks you and your child's wrist, and the comfortable breathable cushion protects the soft wrist skin. The adjustable design makes it easy to install on the wrists of most adults and children.

360-degree rotation: 360-degree rotating stainless steel cuff links protect children's wrists from unstable movements, but their activities are not limited. You can even connect your child's anti-lost rope to your backpack, shopping cart or stroller. The kit has 2 pieces (4.9 ft + 8.2 ft)

Elastic wire rope: Made of custom-reinforced stainless steel and durable PU steel wire, it is tough and soft, and it is not easy to be cut by the cutter. Durable and stretchable steel wire sh, adding to the event space, making children feel more comfortable, parents will be more assured.



- 1 x Wrist Toddler Leash