Portable Water Ionizer


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Looking for a Portable Water Ionizer? Start your experience with hydrogen water with this little but powerful device!


  • Our Water Ionizer Bottle suit for most type of drinking water - distilled water, purified water, mineral water, tap water.

  • Electrolysis Modes & Ultra-high purity hydrogen-rich water - 1x click with Blue light on for 3 mins Electrolytic mode. Electrolysis 1 time can produce hydrogen water contains hydrogen ion up to 1400ppb!

  • Don't electrolyte for more than 5 times all at once, so as to avoid excessive pressure inside the cup which may cause leaking problems.

  • Our Alkaline Water taste really good!

  • Our Water Ionizer is perfect for making hydrogen-rich water at anytime, anywhere!

  • Great gift idea!!


    If you didn't know yet, some of the benefits of drinking hydrogen water include:

    • weight loss

    • increased energy levels

    • improved cellular health

    • anti-aging

    • detoxification



    - 1 x Portable Water Ionizer