Musical And Educational Duck Toy


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Are you looking for a perfect gift for your Little One? We have got this amazing Musical And Educational Duck Toy for you!


Our great Educational Toy will enlighten Children to see, hear, touch, observe and explore cognition.

This Musical Duck will keep your Child happy through his or her early development stages!

This Multifunctional Musical Dancing Duck Toy can exercise Baby's limbs large motor skills.

The lamp flashes, promote the development of Baby vision ability.

 Each feature has a different functional effect. The duck can enhance Baby's interaction ability, hearing and improve the Baby's knowledge, the music and animal sounds can teach your Child about rhythm.

Our Educational Toy is very colorful , attract the attention of Babies and cultivate the Babies’ cognitive competence of colour.

Wings and body, it has a high visually irritation, will show your Baby with colors and lights.



- 1 x Duck Toy ( Batteries not included )
- Material: Plastic
- Warning: not for Children under 18 month
- Battery: 3*AA Battery(are not included)