What Educational Toys for Babies and Toddlers Do Kids Enjoy Most?

One thing babies and toddlers do best is learn. Small children are hungry for knowledge, and play can be one of the most educational, beneficial things that they can do. Their little brains are ready to soak in everything the world has to give. At The Essential, we want to make things easier for parents and teachers by providing great educational toys for babies and toddlers.

Duck Toy for Toddlers

Our toy duck is one of the most popular educational toys for toddlers that we have. This walking and talking duck is there to help your toddler develop motor skills while providing sensory development and auditory learning.

Depending on the buttons that your toddler pushes, this duck will sing, quack or offer up other fun sound effects. Its colorful features are fun to touch, giving your baby motivation. Your toddler is probably going to develop their sensory skills too!

Baby Soft Cloth Books

One helpful toy for babies is a book made completely out of soft, high-quality cloth. Soft cloth books like this one can help your baby get in the habit of reading from the earliest days while enjoying a comfortable, safe toy designed especially for them.

Colorful designs and images make this book appealing even for solo play, as well as a great opportunity for shared learning. Yes, at the moment your baby cannot read on his or her own, so your kid will need a little help. Make it a point to read a story to your child as often as possible, even if you are making them up. You are teaching your baby to enjoy the art of reading and hearing you speak.

Animal Finger Puppets for Kids

These animal finger puppets are another great addition for any parent's toy closet who wants to offer up fun, educational options for toddlers.

In fact, this particular toy can be good for babies as well because they are soft and large enough for them to enjoy safely. Parents can find educational value with these finger puppets. They can help you tell your kids stories, teach them to count, talk to them about life or teach them to behave. They're multi-purpose, useful toys that can help your children enjoy imaginative play and much more.

Cute Baby Rattle Toy

You probably don't think of a baby rattle toy when you think of educational toys for babies, but there are good reasons why rattles are a god option. Your little bundle of joy is still learning to experience the world, and a lot of what they are learning involves listening.

The rattle allows them to listen to a complex sound and learn how their movement is affecting that sound. This gives babies an opportunity to not only develop his or her sensory senses but also motor skills. Keep in mind that the toy is made out of high-quality materials, so this rattle is durable and safe.

Wooden Musical Instruments for a Growing Baby

Music can be a big experience for everyone. It may not seem like much when you listen to it, but musical arrangement requires an intimate knowledge of sound and mathematics. Your child can develop musically and creatively as well as enhance their motor skills with fun, musical instruments and toys.

Developing musical creativity and skill is great for child development, and these wooden toys are a great addition to your toybox.

This fun xylophone is suited for kids who are 12 months or older. It's great for promoting good hand-eye coordination. With enjoyable sounds and colorful keys, your kids will have hours of fun exploring their musical sides.

Baby Piano Music Mat

This is another wonderful toy made to help children learn a little about music. This baby piano mat can be used by both babies and toddlers.

You can never have enough educational toys for babies at home. They learn every day from the world around them. This fun music mat is part of that exploration and journey. It is a soft and plush mat that your baby can easily lay on for a rest or discover all of the fun musical sounds that they can produce. Of course, as your baby grows up, he or she can start to step on the keys and create music. You can even record some of the musical experiments that your baby or toddler creates using this piano mat for some memorable videos.

Singing and Walking Unicorn for Babies and Toddlers

Your baby is growing and needs a walking buddy to help develop skills. What better toy than a plush, beautifully designed singing and walking unicorn toy?

This fun unicorn is one of those educational toys for toddlers that is simply a must for any parent who wants their children to have fun and help them develop.

All a toddler has to do is press a button on the unicorn's leash to watch it come to life. The unicorn loves to go on walks and also loves to sing songs.

Your baby is going to be walking and singing with a toy as interactive as this one. The little unicorn does come in several colors, just in case your toddler already has a favorite color.

At The Essential, we strive to meet your needs - and we have a number of great and fun educational toys for your toddlers or your little bundle of joy. We bring together colorful fun with great learning opportunities. We encourage you to see our educational toys for babies and toddlers to find the best toys for your child to learn, play and grow.

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