Baby and Toddler Accessories for Your Everyday Outings

Baby and Toddler Accessories for Your Everyday Outings

Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned mom or dad, being prepared is the key to a successful outing with your baby or toddler. The outing could be a play date, running errands or visiting with family. In addition to ensuring your child is fed, clean and burped, the essential accessories help keep them happy. 


What Are the Best Baby Accessories for Every Outing?

The Essential has you covered when it comes to accessories for your little ones. Here are some essential baby accessories you need for every outing:

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are wonderful baby accessories because they are available in a variety of styles, colors and types. They took off a few years ago, and their popularity has not waned. The baby carrier can be wrapped around your body or buckled. Just pick the material and fastener type you prefer. One of the advantages baby carriers offer is that they allow you to be hands-free. So, if you are running errands, your child is secure while you multi-task. You can see our favorite Carrier HERE

Head and Back Protector

When babies are newborns, they do not have the ability to sustain the weight of their heads very well. As they grow, they get stronger. Until that point arrives, a head and back protector is a wonderful baby accessory for protecting their head. A doughnut pillow is attached to a pillow body that is slipped onto your child like a backpack. If you need one you can buy your Head and Back Protector HERE

Stroller Mosquito Net

Taking your child outside as much as possible is wonderful for them and yourself. The summertime can be a little dicey when it comes to flying critters like mosquitoes. Depending on your geographic area, mosquitoes can also be pests during other times of the year. A mosquito net for your stroller is a great solution for this issue. You can get Stroller Mosquito Net HERE


Shoes for a baby are sometimes more of a fashion statement than anything else. If your baby is curious, though, and is already trying to figure out how to walk, shoes are a must. Shoes protect their feet in the same manner that your shoes protect yours. While they may not get a lot of use, being prepared is still a good idea. Plus, because shoes for this age group are tiny, they are not expensive. They are available in a range of colors and styles. They are also really cute. You can see our selection of Shoes HERE

Mirror Reverse

A mirror reverse is a must-have accessory for the car. As a parent, it is normal to want to watch every move your child makes. This is difficult when you are driving. The mirror reverse attaches to the rearview mirror and allows you to catch glimpses of your child in the backseat without requiring that you turn around. If you need it you can get a Mirror Reverse HERE 

What Are the Best Toddler Accessories for Every Outing?

As your baby enters their toddler years, there are some essential accessories to have around. They include:

Buckle-Free Elastic Belt

When your child begins to transition from baby to toddler, they are going to want to be more independent. Going to the bathroom successfully is an important milestone. A buckle-free elastic belt is a great toddler accessory because it allows them to get their business done without incurring unfortunate accidents that could have been prevented. You can see our Buckle-Free Elastic Belt HERE

Animal Backpack

You probably have a baby bag, and as your child became a toddler, you have might have transitioned over to a toddler bag. An animal backpack fits a child's body and gives them the opportunity to carry some of their own things. Whether they want to carry their favorite toy or blanket, the backpack is cute and comfortable. If you need It, you can get an Animal Backpack HERE

Seat Belt Pillow

A toddler reaches the point where they can begin sitting in a car with a modified car or booster seat when they reach a certain height. Some toddlers can still be lulled to sleep with a long enough car ride. If they fall asleep, a seat belt pillow gives them a comfy place to rest their heads.  If you need one you can buy your Seat Belt Pillow HERE

Wrist Toddler Leash

For the toddler who is an adventurer and likes to use the power of their legs to explore, a wrist toddler leash is a safety solution. It allows them to explore while keeping them within a safe distance. You can get Wrist Toddler Leash HERE

Knee Pad Protectors

Knee pad protectors are great for explorers, too. They keep their knees free of scrapes and bruises. If you need one you can get Knee Pad Protectors HERE

For more information about all the baby and toddler items, view our available accessories. Be sure to take a look at the accessories collection and the Essentials collection.






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